Monday, January 21, 2008

Python Beats Ruby

Interesting news on the Python front,

Python beats Ruby. Python holds its ground at #7 while Ruby drops ground from #10 to #11.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Programmatically give Logon as Batch Right

ntrights.exe is nice and all, but sometimes you want to do things on your own. The code below will allow you to programmatically assign the Logon as Batch Right (SeBatchLogonRight) to a user. This can be applied to any other rights assignment you want to give a user on Windows. For instance:
SeCreateTokenPrivilege, SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege, SeLockMemoryPrivilege, SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege, SeUnsolicitedInputPrivilege, SeMachineAccountPrivilege, TcbPrivilege, SeSecurityPrivilege, SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege, SeLoadDriverPrivilege, SeSystemProfilePrivilege, SeSystemtimePrivilege, SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilege,
SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege, SeCreatePagefilePrivilege, SeCreatePermanentPrivilege,
SeBackupPrivilege, SeRestorePrivilege, SeShutdownPrivilege, SeAuditPrivilege, SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilege, SeChangeNotifyPrivilege, or SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege. This technique, in python, can be carried over easy enough to C++ if desired.

import win32security

user = "Administrator"
system = "Some computer name" # or None for local

handle = win32security.LsaOpenPolicy(
win32security.POLICY_ALL_ACCESS )

sid, domain, tmp = win32security.LookupAccountName(system, user)

if not 'SeBatchLogonRight' in \
win32security.LsaEnumerateAccountRights(handle, sid):

('SeBatchLogonRight',) )