Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ricoh, IBM deal not all roses

Ricoh's purchase of IBM Printer Division what does that mean for IPDS printing?. Ricoh keeps relationship with Intermate giving them time to integrate with IBM code at later date. What they neglect to mention is that if you buy an InfoPrint now and want IPDS support you have to purchase an IPDS dimm. You make ask, whose code is on that dimm? From what I've seen, it is Intermate's (InfoPrint owners pop out your dimm and look for the word copyright Intermate hidden on the dimm).

So all this talk about native IBM IPDS support seems a little silly. Yes Ricoh will eventually gain control of the AFP/IPDS code that is used by PSF (kind of like the print spooler on windows, but specific to IBM's System i or zSeries services). But that's not the code embedded on the printers.

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Here's some links to other players in the IPDS market:

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