Sunday, March 18, 2007

new info on windows vista

Bought a new HP desktop over the weekend. The HP Pavilion Slimline. It came with Windows Vista Home Basic Edition preinstalled. Nothing fancy. It came with an AMD Sempron processor, 512 MB ram, 200 GB Hardrive, Modem, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. I was one over by how tiny the box was. Now this is probably not new info for anyone, but Windows Vista sucks. It took forever, and I mean forever to do anything on my new computer. Now I know I don't have much ram, the processor isn't the greatest. But hey, it should at least be faster than my Pentium II I got hiding in the closet.

So my solution, install FC6. Would have went with Ubuntu, but figured if I was getting rid of Vista why not try some of the other linux distros before committing to just one.

My first impressions, it didn't auto detected my lcd monitor correctly, I had to do a ctrl-alt-backspace to kill xwindows and use system-config-monitor to get things right. Which is obviously not optimal. But speed wise, man FC6 is beating the pants off of Vista. I can actually use my computer for something. Granted, when you first get a new computer, especially from one of the bigger chains its full of crappy software that bogs it down and hinders performance from the get go. But hey, right out of the box when you get a new computer it should be fast, not slow and Vista, like it or not, is definitely SLOW.

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