Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Weekly Search Report

Question: Inno Setup how to not require admin rights on vista?
Answer: Get the latest version of Inno Setup at least version 5.1.9 or better.

Question: why does my computer not boot up?
Answer: Is your computer plugged in? Does your house have electricity? Are all the cables plugged in? Is your memory bad? Is your hard drive bad?

Question: my pc is too slow why?
Answer: Not enough memory? To many programs running in the background? Your still using your old 486? Your computer is infected with viruses and other malware?

Question: doctor's who make a lot of money?
Answer: Plastic Surgeons

Question: how to choose a genealogy test?
Answer: The more markers the better. See

Question: why is my pc so slow?
Answer: See answer for my pc is too slow why above

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