Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Maxam-Gilbert DNA sequence method

When is Google going to do something about search engine spam? Take this page for instance. Wordtracker tells me the words "maxam-gilbert dna sequence method" where searched for 34 times in the last 24 hour period. Not knowing much about the maxam-gilbert dna sequence method I'd go to http://www.attotron.com/pub/dnaquiz/Q6SEQ.htm and find out that,
The Maxam-Gilbert method of nucleotide sequence determination is based on preferential, base-specific methylation followed by chemical cleavage to generate a nested set of end- labeled derivatives. The funny thing is within a few weeks because of this blogspot.com url, google will rank this page pretty high. Not that I even know a thing about the Maxam-Gilbert DNA sequence method.

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koobmeej said...

It worked. 4 days and I'm coming up on the first page of google for Maxam-Gilbert DNA sequence method