Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fried Cisco

Ever heard of a fish called Cisco? First thing I thought of was the company. Someone says these Cisco are only found at Bear Lake. They must mean the specific subspecies of Cisco found at Bear Lake are unique. Seeing as anyone can google Cisco and find more results than just Bear Lake. Was told they were spawning. Took a little drive down to Bear Lake for some ice fishing with the scouts, came back to Idaho Falls with a whole lot of Cisco.

Using a net or a hook, the later taking more skill; it was actually pretty fun. Bear Lake had totally frozen over the previous week. Not that it mattered the Cisco were right by the edge of the aptly named Cisco Beach. There had to be thousands of them. They seemed to like our Marabou Jigs, and Silver Kastmasters. One person would tease them with the bait, another scooping them up with the net.

The real fun was cleaning and descaling the fish. My 25 Cisco took way to long to clean (the daily limit is 30). It was worth it though. They sure were yummy. Deep fat fried them. umm, umm good.

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koobmeej said...

More about the Bonneville Cisco found in Bear Lake.