Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Weekly Search Report

Question: Inno Setup how to not require admin rights on vista?
Answer: Get the latest version of Inno Setup at least version 5.1.9 or better.

Question: why does my computer not boot up?
Answer: Is your computer plugged in? Does your house have electricity? Are all the cables plugged in? Is your memory bad? Is your hard drive bad?

Question: my pc is too slow why?
Answer: Not enough memory? To many programs running in the background? Your still using your old 486? Your computer is infected with viruses and other malware?

Question: doctor's who make a lot of money?
Answer: Plastic Surgeons

Question: how to choose a genealogy test?
Answer: The more markers the better. See

Question: why is my pc so slow?
Answer: See answer for my pc is too slow why above

WorldFamilies.Net and Surname DNA Testing

World Families Network, Where Genealogy meets DNA Testing
Ever heard of If your into genealogy. You might want to give them a visit. They specialize in Surname DNA Testing, managing several thousand surname DNA projects. Search for your surname DNA project. Can't find your surname, ask them to add a DNA project for you.

Take a look at some of WorldFamilies.Net's top surname DNA projects:

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Maxam-Gilbert DNA sequence method

When is Google going to do something about search engine spam? Take this page for instance. Wordtracker tells me the words "maxam-gilbert dna sequence method" where searched for 34 times in the last 24 hour period. Not knowing much about the maxam-gilbert dna sequence method I'd go to and find out that,
The Maxam-Gilbert method of nucleotide sequence determination is based on preferential, base-specific methylation followed by chemical cleavage to generate a nested set of end- labeled derivatives. The funny thing is within a few weeks because of this url, google will rank this page pretty high. Not that I even know a thing about the Maxam-Gilbert DNA sequence method.

Fried Cisco

Ever heard of a fish called Cisco? First thing I thought of was the company. Someone says these Cisco are only found at Bear Lake. They must mean the specific subspecies of Cisco found at Bear Lake are unique. Seeing as anyone can google Cisco and find more results than just Bear Lake. Was told they were spawning. Took a little drive down to Bear Lake for some ice fishing with the scouts, came back to Idaho Falls with a whole lot of Cisco.

Using a net or a hook, the later taking more skill; it was actually pretty fun. Bear Lake had totally frozen over the previous week. Not that it mattered the Cisco were right by the edge of the aptly named Cisco Beach. There had to be thousands of them. They seemed to like our Marabou Jigs, and Silver Kastmasters. One person would tease them with the bait, another scooping them up with the net.

The real fun was cleaning and descaling the fish. My 25 Cisco took way to long to clean (the daily limit is 30). It was worth it though. They sure were yummy. Deep fat fried them. umm, umm good.

Monday, January 22, 2007

(Great) Employees Only

So my boss has a subscription to Audio-Tech Business Book Summaries most of the cds are actually pretty interesting to listen too.

I was impressed with a cd he shared with me recently. (Great) Employees Only How Gifted Bosses Hire and De-Hire Their Way to Success by Dale Dauten. What I enjoyed most about it where the six questions Dale Dauten says to ask an employee that is in line to be de-hired.

1. Are you happy here?
2. What are you passionate about?
3. Does this job do that for you?
4. How can we make changes so that happens?
5. What would you rather be doing?
6. How can I help you move in that direction?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Compiler COM Support

Touching code that I had long since forgotten about. Documented in the source, but also here in case I ever need it someday long after I have left my current company. Not that the links will be valid, but at least It will help me remember search terms to get the knowledge back.

Compiler COM Support
#import directive

Windows Vista and Windows Help

I have to admit, I really enjoy reading Microsoft documentation. Especially marketing fluff. I have nothing better to do each day. Why not just waste it reading Microsoft marketing fluff, excuse me ... developer documentation. Maybe your familiar with what I'm writing about, the documentation that tells you how good Microsoft is but doesn't really tell you how to implement any of their technologies. My second favorite Microsoft documentation to read is the You can't do it this way anymore, but were not going to give you any links, cause we change them daily, so good luck figuring it out on your own style of documentation.

I've been reminded of my Microsoft documentation pet peeves, as I'm currently focused on migrating some old Windows Help files (.hlp files) to Vista.

Windows Help (WinHelp.exe and WinHlp32.exe) is being deprecated for Windows Vista. Windows Help is not supported in Beta 2 and some of the Windows Help code has been removed for the release ... HTML Help and .CHM files will continue to be supported for Windows Vista.

We strongly recommend that software developers stop using the Windows Help application in Windows Vista. Software developers who ship programs that rely on .hlp files are encouraged to transition their Help experience to an alternative Help file format, such as .chm, .html, or .xml. You will also have to change your calls from the WinHelp() API to the new content source.

Now I know HTML Help has been around forever, almost as long as WinHelp. But I don't work with Html Help everyday, so they should say. HTML Help uses the HtmlHelp api, here is a link to the documentation. Don't force me to use the msdn search engine, it's useless.

For my own benefit, a few years down the road if I actually have to worry about help files again.

Source: MSDN Documentation
The HTML Help API function is modeled after the WinHelp API function to simplify the process of updating existing programs from WinHelp to HTML Help. However, the HTML Help API command names and parameters are not the same as those in the WinHelp API, and the output file formats are very different.

Useful links:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Windows Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1

Upgrade it's that simple. Download and Install otherwise be doomed to waste your time scouring the web for resolutions to obscure bugs.

The bug I'm most happy about being fixed this Memory leak. It also resolves the Vista Manifest Crash reported earlier without any fancy work around. Though you still have to worry about how to distribute the CRT dlls and such.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thoughts on Windows Vista User Access Control

Bye, Bye Power Users

Finally, a parent can let a child view a DVD, while preventing them from installing software; courtesy of User Access Control(UAC) and the infamous split token.


"IT administrators will not need to replace the majority of pre-Windows Vista applications when running Windows Vista with UAC enabled."

The cynic in me thinks it should read, "IT administrators will need to replace the majority of pre-Windows Vista applications when running Windows Vista with UAC enabled."

Blog Sites

Some blog sites. Found these on some site off of Digg. Just here so I can slowly work my way through them in my spare time.

Name: 2RSS
Description:RSS Feed Directory
Add your blog here: On front page
Note: Requires RSS Feed

Name: Blogarama
Description:Small search engine
Add your blog here:

Name: Blogdigger
Description: Small search engine
Add your blog here:
Note: Need RSS feed

Name: Bloghop
Description: Small search engine
Add your blog here:

Name: Bloglines
Description: Search and aggregate RSS feeds
Add your blog here: No submission process, users add feeds they wish to track

Name: Blogmatrix
Description: Blog tool provider, offers search as well
Add your blog here:

Name: Blogsearchengine
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here:

Name: Blogtastic
Description: Metasearch
Add your blog here:

Name: Blogwise
Description: Categorized Blog search
Add your blog here:

Name: Bloogz
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here:

Name: Daypop
Description: News oriented search
Add your blog here:
Note: Requires your site to be "frequently updated"

Name: Eatonweb
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here:

Name: Globeofblogs
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here: Click "Register" in upper-right corner of front page
Note: Strange site, requires extensive classification of blogs

URL: ,
Description: Blogs and headlines by geographic region. GeoURL is by lat/longitude while LocalFeeds is by ZIP or country.
Add your blog here: (for both)
Note: Complex instructions, you must edit your blog's meta tags prior to submission.

NEW! Name: Memigo
Description: Customized news portal
Add your blog here:

Name: NewsIsFree
Description: Search for RSS feeds
Add your blog here:

Name: Popdex
Description: Hot topics listing and search engine
Add your blog here:
Note: "Fast Track" if you link to Popdex

Name: RDF Ticker
Description: Search and aggregate RSS feeds
Add your blog here:

Name: Read A Blog
Description: Blog Search Engine
Add your blog here:

Name: RSSFeedsDirectory
Description: RSS Directory
Add your blog here: Not clear

Name: Search4RSS
Description: RSS Search Engine
Add your blog here: Not available, must be added by site owners.

Name: Sindic8
Description: Search and aggregate RSS feeds
Add your blog here:
Note: Need RSS feed

Name: Technorati
Description: Index of links between millions of blogs
Add your blog here:

Name: Waypath
Description: Keyword searches and "find similar" searches
Add your blog here: Automatically adds blogs through a spidering process.

XP to Vista upgrade, is it worth it?

Upgrading from Windows XP to Vista is it really worth it? That's for you to decide. I've been using the Vista RTM for development/testing. It's not that bad, though there are some quirks to get used to. If you're thinking of upgrading, I'd recommend a clean install. Things have changed way to much, and your in for a world of hurt if you believe Microsoft and think most software will work on Vista out of the box. It won't. If you go into the upgrade realizing most things won't work, mentally, you'll probably be better off.

Recommended path of Upgrade:
  • Make a list of all the software you use
  • Verify that each software product you use works with Windows Vista
  • Backup configuration information for each of your products
  • Install Windows Vista on a brand new computer
  • Install the software you use
  • Import over configuration information
What you can look forward too:
  • Enhanced security
  • Better eye candy
  • User Access Control (UAC) prompts
  • Gadgets
Things you may miss:
  • Lack of UAC prompts