Friday, December 29, 2006

C/C++ and Distributing a VC8 application

C/C++ in Visual Studio 8 has changed once again. Seems Microsoft can't decide on the best way to handle their C/C++ runtime dlls (CRT).

VC6 and dll hell was fun.

VC7, VC7.1 got better because the compiler was a bit more standard. Redistributing files wasn't as bad, just copy msvcrt71.dll or msvcr71.dll to your application directory and things worked.

VC8 changes things once again. Introducing side-by-side assemblies. If I were a C# guy, I'm sure I'd be familiar with assemblies by now, but alas, I prefer the C/C++. So here are some links on how to deal with the VC8 CRT dlls, so that your applications don't crash after you distribute them because your missing required dlls.

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