Monday, November 20, 2006

Ode to the Doctor's Excuse

Doctor's excuse oh Doctor's excuse why do I need thee? Did I fall out of bed and break my head?
Or am I just to lazy? I've been so sick I fear my rear is stuck to the bed though I am not dead.
For work for school the form I seek, but don't know where to find it? Where can I go, I do not know? The doctor I know is not willing to give it. Unless, I get out of bed and drive to town and ask him for the Doctor's Excuse Form. Signed by him or maybe her, it doesn't matter. As long as my boss or maybe my teacher doesn't fire me over the matter.


Kongmeng said...

Kind of funny that if your too sick to go to work or school you still have to go to the Doctor. What ever happened to house calls? I think most companies have a policy where if you miss 3 days then you need a doctor's excuse form. Schools are a little bit more strict, miss an hour and they're calling your parents demanding a reason for your absence. Doctor's Excuse oh Doctor's Excuse why do I need thee? ... cause I've been puking my guts out and there aint no way I'm going to work in the morning.

Doctors Excuse said...

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