Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fishing in Idaho Falls

So I had the chance to go fishing last week. Went over to the North Power Plant in Idaho Falls. Fishing wasn't too bad. A lot of walking though. When I first arrived there was a group fishing just below the first damn. I ended up crossing over the damn and looking for some holes along the east side of the river. It started to rain, good thing I brought my waterproof jacket. Nothing but nibbles so I hoofed it up to the sunset on the snake geocache. No luck up there either so I went over to the second damn. Tripped in a few puddles, rather frustrating I wasn't wet yet, now I was soaked. Couldn't give up yet, I was hungry for some fish. Found a hole and to my suprise got a nibble. Tried again and caught myself a 13in Rainbow Trout. (This is my first year fishing) So I was pretty excited. Went home cooked it up. Sure was yummy.

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